Kindle DX Good fit for me

Kindle DX  Good fit for me

I recently purchased a Kindle 2 for my mom for Mother’s Day, so I had an opportunity to look at hers before making my own decision on what to purchase.I did not like the size of the screen on the Kindle 2, so I decided if a Kindle were to fit me, it would need to be the Kindle DX. I want to split this review up into two different sections. The first will review the hardware and native features of the DX and the other will review the Kindle software and content.

Screen: I love the large screen of the kindle. It’s about the size of a hardcover book and allows me to read enough content without feeling like I’m turning the page all the time. As for the screen rotation, I found I do not like the auto rotate feature. Because I lay down to read, it kept turning the text sideways. Fortunately you can lock it in place, and there it stays. Maybe I’ll change that if I decide to subscribe to a newspaper, but I have yet to see a need for landscape viewing yet.

Weight: The Kindle DX is a little heavier than I would prefer it, but it’s not too big of an issue. I usually read sitting or lying down anyway.

Speed: The Kindle DX is still a little too slow in my opinion, and this is very noticeable when you try to do any of the “Experimental” items like basic web browsing. Accessing the Kindle store also seems to take a while to load and I don’t think it’s because of the wireless.

Battery: As for battery life, I’m finding that I get a few days to maybe a week. I’m definitely not able to get the 2 weeks that some report on the K2. I also use it almost every day and sometimes for several hours in a day.

Radios: I’m not sure if it’s the magnets in the Amazon Kindle DX cover I have, but my coverage is a little weird. In my bedroom I’ll go from 2 bars to none and I think that may be draining the batteries quicker than I’d like it to. I would also prefer the Kindle DX to have a built in wireless radio rather than rely solely on the cellular and the ability to turn either radio off individually.

Buttons: I do like the idea of having the previous and next page on both sides of the device. When I first got the Kindle DX and was getting used to reading on it, I found myself trying to hit a button on the left side that wasn’t there at times.

PDF’s: Unfortunately I cannot review this as I just haven’t found the need to put a PDF on here yet.

Kindle software/content:

Software: I’m hoping they are working on software updates since they probably aren’t releasing a new Kindle for at least a year. My biggest complaints are the lack of folders and the inability to customize certain portions of the Kindle. I should be able to change the sleep timer on the Kindle, for instance. We should be able to upload our own and delete the factory installed screen saver pictures as well. I would also prefer an extra warning when you delete your purchased content from the Kindle. I accidentally deleted a book I was reading rather than a blog download. I wasn’t able to find a way to re-download this content directly from the Kindle. Luckily I was near my computer so I was able to send it again, but I would not have been happy if I was somewhere where I didn’t have a computer and I wanted to read. Fortunately these are all software improvements and can easily be addressed. Hopefully they will be in the near future.

Content: I’m glad that there are now 300,000 titles to download, but there still needs to be a lot of additions. I find more books that aren’t available than are right now. I don’t know if it’s because publishers are too slow to adopt the format, or if that it just takes too long for the content to be digitized, but I really hope that publishers realize that digital content is where they need to be focusing more of their energy.

Final thoughts:

After I bought my Kindle DX and I was able to take it to my mom’s to compare it side by side to the K2. The Kindle DX is the right size Kindle for me. That being said, my mom and girlfriend both said they prefer the size of the K2 to put in their purses to take with them. I am glad I made this purchase, although I would prefer it to be a little cheaper. I find myself reading more than I have in years, and that’s a good thing for my mind and probably not so great for my wallet.

 By Eric Dost