Kindle DX is The Winner

Kindle DX is the winner

After using IRex, Sony, Kindle 2, I can safely say that Kindle DX is a clear winner. Previously, Sony had best resolution, IRex with decent PDF support and Kindle with its wireless convenience and dictionary. Kindle DX gives me all. Its native PDF conversion is very good and display better than I expected even for non-English documents.

I always found Sony’s contrast and display better than Kindle 2 but Kindle DX screen looks as good if not better.

Its mp3 and audible player sounds as good as iPod.

Of course it is bigger and heavier. A card slot’d have been better and a built-in light like Sony, but Kindle DX delivers without putting a dent in your wallet.

By Wadood Chaudhary

The Best Kindle Yet!

I have the two previous Kindles, and the Kindle DX is the best yet. The screen is much larger than I expected, and I think that the photographs are much cleaner looking on the DX. I thought that the DX was faster when looking on the web, but the only site I went to was the Amazon site. The screen is just incredible. I cannot wait for a color e-ink, but for now I am very happy with the Kindle DX. If I had to choose between the three Kindle’s I would buy the DX. The price difference is worth the larger screen. The whole Kindle 2 fits inside the screen of the DX.

A nice change is no buttons on the left side so that you can hold the Kindle without pushing buttons. I still think the Kindle needs a place to hold for people with larger hands, but the DX is an improvement. I do wish they did not eliminate the numbers row of keys and place them with the top row of letters. The buttons look sleeker on the Kindle DX, but I like the feel of the buttons on the Kindle 2 better. Again, I have larger hands and the buttons are a bit awkward. If you are left-handed, you can flip the Kindle upside down, and hold the Kindle with your right hand without hitting buttons. A benefit of the screen adjusting to any way you chose to hold the Kindle DX.

The price is a bit high, but if you read a lot, it is worth it. It is completely different than reading on a computer; so much less eye strain. As an educator, I would love to see a student price so that students could afford them. As a doctoral student, I love being able to use the Kindles in my doctoral work. I do miss the SD port that the first Kindle DX has. I think that the next Kindle should have the SD port again and a better place to hold the unit. Still, I thank you Amazon for a great product.

By Wedway ”JD”



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