Amazon should cut the price down

Amazon should cut the price down

I am a grad student who need to read lots PDF journal papers. I like the screen size of Kindle DX which really makes me comfortable to read by clean words. It does heavier while I hold it in one hand. Though it weighs like iPhone 3G but the big size keeps you hard to hold it for a long time reading.

Wireless download and the screensaver are two of the sweet features in Kindle DX. I do wish Amazon could let user set up their own custom screensaver. And let us upload Images and DOC files via USB not the wireless conversion.

And I have to say that I am really disappointed about the PDF reader. Amazon provide the native PDF support in Kindle DX but w/o the most important Annotation and Zoom In/Out features. Now, look at the machine I got:

It can read the books ONLY on itself, and plus a PDF reader which cannot do anything but rotate the screen(fine, you can do some searching keywords). How could you claim the Kindle Kindle DX as an E-Reader? It cannot even support the most common file type, PDF, with the basic features. Then you sell students the Kindle DX as the highest price at market, $489 + $50 with a cover?

I do not think Kindle DX worth the price because it doesn’t provide the complete features for academic users, I cannot annotate/Zoom in/out the most files(PDF) I have. And there is no proper file organization in DX. In addition, the text books I brought are only for Kindle. I cannot read w/o the machine.

I do hope Amazon would let us upgrade the PDF annotation and zoom features via firmware update. Also the doc, images files syn with personal computers.

By J. Chiu

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